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I still get laughed at, but it doesn't bother me.

I'm just so glad to hear laughter around me.

    #ahsfreakshow #erikaervin #myhero #wcw

    #ahsfreakshow #erikaervin #myhero #wcw

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    #erikaervin  #myhero  #ahsfreakshow  #wcw 


    New additions to AHS: Freak Show

    • Erika Ervin (world’s tallest model) as Amazon Eve
    • Rose Siggins (sacral agenesis) as Legless Suzi
    • Mat Fraser (phocomelia) as Paul the Illustrated Seal
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    Transgender Actress Erika Ervin On Her ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Role

    We couldn’t be more thrilled for “American Horror Story: Freak Show” to kick off for numerous reasons, and learning that the hit FX franchise will welcome a transgender performer just makes our excitement for the show more palpable.

    For more on Erika’s remarkable life including her time as a lawyer and her encounter with AIDS in the nineties watch the full mini-doc here. 

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    American Horror Story: Freak Show - Extra-Ordinary Artists – Jyoti Amge

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    i googled the trans actress in ahs (erika ervin) and it turns out that shes not playing a character this season, shes playing herself, meaning that theres a canonically trans character in ahs now

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    scape house ~ form | kouichi kimura


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    Until tomorrow….get your freak on (x)


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    Kelly Rowland texting Nelly via Microsoft Excel and then getting annoyed when he doesn’t text back.

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